A Product Manager’s Guide to Meetingbird

A few weeks ago, we explored how students are using Meetingbird to be more productive in the classroom. This week, we’re excited to discuss how product managers and their teams streamline their meetings with Meetingbird. Our conversations with a few product managers using Meetingbird pointed to two types of meetings for which Meetingbird has been extremely useful.

1. Weekly Sync Meetings

These meetings are essential to keeping product managers and engineers on the same page. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most inefficient and inconsistent types of meetings for a company. Typically, a product manager will schedule these meetings, share a document for everyone to provide updates from the week, and then run through the document during the meeting.

Meetingbird streamlines this weekly process. With collaborative notes built into the Meetingbird calendar, product managers don't have to create and share new documents for each weekly meeting; they just click on the event on their calendar to access notes that are shared with everyone in the meeting. Notes in Meetingbird also include useful features like meeting agendas, meeting decisions, and feedback. And when the meeting's complete, it can be added to a Project like "Weekly Sync Meetings", which keeps all of the notes from those sync meetings in one organized place.

2. Customer Conversations

Customer conversations are an equally essential meeting for many product managers. Two problems often arise with these meetings. First, they’re time-consuming to schedule, since setting up a conversation with a customer usually requires back and forth emails to find a time that works. Second, each product manager has his/her preference for note-taking, so the takeaways from these vital conversations often end up scattered in different places.

Meetingbird solves both of these problems. Meetingbird Meet makes scheduling meetings with anyone as easy as sending a link. And with notes built into the calendar, Meetingbird provides product managers with an organized place to document their discussions with customers. Finally, by creating a Project for “Customer Discussions” that’s shared across the entire team, product managers finally have an organized repository of all of the important conversations they have with users.

In Summary

Meetingbird’s three core features (a calendar with built-in collaborative notes, Projects, and Meet) provide powerful tools to streamline a product manager’s meetings. Come see what Meetingbird can do for you and your team today at meetingbird.com.