An Easier Way to Schedule Meetings

Today we're excited to launch Meetingbird Meet, the easiest way to schedule meetings with anyone.

We've all experienced the pain of scheduling meetings. Emailing back and forth to find a time that works is frustrating and time-consuming, but newer meeting scheduling tools don't make it much easier either. Picking time slots every time you need to schedule a meeting quickly gets messy and inefficient, and virtual assistants are slow and expensive.

Meet is a totally new approach that makes scheduling a meeting with anyone as easy as sending them a link. Here's how it works:

To start scheduling a meeting, just send your Meet link ( to someone you'd like to meet with. Let's call him Erlich.

2. They pick a time that works

When Erlich opens your Meet link, he'll see an anonymized version of your calendar; he can see when you're busy with meetings but can't see any details from your meetings.

Erlich doesn't need an account to request a meeting with you, but if he does have an account, he'll see his calendar right next to your availability, making it easy to see when everyone's free.

With just a drag, Erlich can request a meeting with you that works for everyone. He can even specify a meeting topic, location, and add other meeting attendees.

3. You confirm the meeting

Meet notifies you after someone has requested a meeting with you and, with a click, your meeting is confirmed and added to everyone's calendar. That's it!

Pretty cool, right? You might be wondering:

What if my calendar doesn't always reflect when I'm free for meetings?

No worries! Meet has robust preferences that can handle that:

  1. Blocked Times allow you to prevent others from requesting meetings during certain times, regardless of whether you have meetings then.
  2. Preferred Times allow you to specify times during which you like to have meetings (ex. Tuesday afternoons). Meet will encourage others to request meetings during those times.
  3. You can also choose the specific calendars that reflect your actual availability. For example, you may want to select a work and personal calendar but not a coworker's calendar that you’ve been shared on.

Can I use Meet to schedule group meetings?

Yes! Meet allows you to add multiple Meet links to see everyone's availability side by side and schedule the perfect meeting.

So that's Meetingbird Meet. Whether you use it for your personal meetings or across an entire team, Meet helps you spend less time scheduling meetings and more time doing the work you love. Get started with Meet for free at