Feature Spotlight: Insert Meeting Availability into an Email

Customizable scheduling links are one of Meetingbird's most powerful features. Simply by dragging on your calendar, you can mark available meeting times and generate a scheduling link.

Today we're excited to announce that Custom Meet Links are getting even more powerful; you can now insert available times directly into an email.

Here's how it works:

  1. With the Meetingbird Chrome Extension installed, you'll see a new Meetingbird icon when you compose an email in Gmail or Google Inbox.
  2. Click the Meetingbird icon to open a dropdown menu. From here, you can choose to insert available times from a scheduling link you've already created or pick new meeting times to insert.
  3. After you choose your available times, Meetingbird will generate a scheduling block and insert it into your email. All users can customize the colors of their scheduling block, and Meetingbird Pro users can also insert their own logo.

When someone receives your email, they'll be able to pick a time to meet with a single click. It's a magical experience that's effortless for you and the person you're trying to meet with.

We're excited to see how you make the most of Meetingbird's powerful scheduling tools. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter (@meetingbird) or reach out to us at feedback@meetingbird.com.