How Meetingbird is becoming a student's best friend

Meetingbird was founded to help teams run organized, well-documented meetings, but we’ve been amazed by the unexpected ways our users are using our product. One of the most exciting use cases is taking place in the classroom. Students are using Meetingbird to collaborate on lecture notes and organize all of the material they need for a class.

Meetingbird's beautiful calendar makes it easy to keep track of classes and commitments

Instead of creating a new word document for each class, students using Meetingbird just click on a lecture in their calendar to start taking notes. Collaborating on those notes with classmates is as simple as sharing a link. Students can even use Note Templates that make taking consistent notes easy. When they’re done taking notes for that class, they can add the notes to a Project that organizes all of the material for that course.

Taking notes in Meetingbird maximizes organization and productivity, while removing a lot of the hassles of typical note taking tools

And when the final exam rolls around and it’s time to review class notes, Meetingbird Projects provides all of the class notes in a single organized place.

We’re thrilled to see Meetingbird becoming a note-taking essential for so many students. Ready to upgrade your note-taking? Meetingbird is available for free at