A New Take on Meetings

Many times every day, and hundreds of times every year, we pour hours of our time into meetings. And yet, for all this time spent in meetings, we haven’t gotten very far in making them better. At their worst, meetings can be huge time and productivity sinks. Too often, we leave meetings feeling like we’ve wasted our time and accomplished little. Even worse, we often wonder how our meetings actually push our team goals forward.

Why do we keep investing so much of our time in meetings? Because at their best, meetings are at the heart of why teams can accomplish so much more than individuals. They’re how we keep everyone on the same page, how we make the most of everyone’s unique skills and perspective, how we solve our most challenging problems by working together. They are the backbone behind every company vision and high level goal.
So what if we could keep the great things about meetings, and simply get rid of the bad? We think it’s possible.

Meetingbird takes a new, project management approach to meetings. We group related meetings and create a chronological list of meetings that have a common purpose. This connects each meeting directly to a team goal or project so that each one becomes a checkpoint along a project’s timeline. With Meetingbird Projects, each meeting builds on the progress of the last one, so that teams can make steady progress on all of their ongoing projects.

But projects in Meetingbird don’t just provide organization and focus, they also create transparency. Team members can follow projects to receive updates on meetings they may not attend themselves. This way, the insights made in meetings are available not only to attendees but also to the rest of the team.

Meetingbird’s focus on transparency goes beyond sharing information across meetings. With built in anonymous feedback, team members can discover for themselves which meetings are worth having, and which aren’t.

All this focus on meeting purpose and transparency is built into a platform that’s completely real-time, which makes collaborating with team members on meeting notes, agendas, and decisions really easy.

Our experience with hundreds of early users over the past few months makes us confident that this approach creates happier teams that accomplish more. In the coming months, our team will continue to build on our vision of project based meetings. And beyond that, we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to helping teams accomplish more with better meetings. We can’t wait to see where Meetingbird takes yours.

Henry and Paul